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YOU… Are leaders in the advancement of medical research!


Our site is located at The Innovation Hub, Africa’s first internationally accredited Science and Technology Park. The inpatient facility is set up in a 23-emergency-bed configuration which can be doubled to a 46-bed configuration depending on study design.

Over the years, VX Pharma has built a close network of leading professionals to advance the field of medicine. If you are interested in becoming a Clinical Trial Site Partner or getting more involved as a Clinical Trial Investigator, contact us to let us know your particular interest.


VX Pharma aspires to be an industry leader known for its high ethical conduct, quality delivery of services and regular contributions to global medical innovation. With VX Pharma, you have the opportunity to join forces with a clinical research organisation that values the contribution of every role player every step of the way.


Teamwork is increasingly advocated by healthcare policymakers as a way of assuring quality and safety in the delivery of patient care services and medical solutions. In the dynamic arena of a clinical trial investigation, it makes sense for healthcare professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills to join forces and take targeted actions for good results throughout the process of clinical trial execution.


Clinical studies help to bring new therapies to market that can treat debilitating conditions and other ailments. Thanks to medical research, many serious diseases are now treatable and trials can often help to identify health issues that the world might not even be aware of.

As a team, we can make a positive contribution to the health of future generations. If you are interested in playing a role in a clinical trial investigation, we would like to hear from you. The VX Pharma team has a wide range of therapeutic area experience and are looking for interested medical practitioners in the following disease areas:


The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have a constant need for clinical trials to properly evaluate the large volume of new therapies under development.

If you have patients with chronic conditions or suffering from rare diseases who might benefit from new improved therapies, VX Pharma can appoint you as a trial site partner and give you the opportunity to screen them for participation in a specific trial, for which you will be reimbursed. Should patients qualify and be enrolled on one of our studies, we undertake to keep you abreast of study progress.

Upon receipt of your application, a site visit will be conducted and, if approval is given, you will be advised of our screening protocol and be ready to get started. Please note that VX Pharma is a clinical trials organisation and not a healthcare provider – you remain in control of the on-going general management of your patients.

Alternatively, if you are not interested in taking on a clinical trial screening function, you can still promote our services to your patients and encourage them to visit our patient website for more information on the benefits of participating in clinical trials.


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SYSTEM  DISEASE   CANDIDATE CRITERIA                                                           CLICK BUTTON IF INTERESTED
ENDOCRINE  Diabetes Teenagers (10-17 yrs) with Type 2 Diabetes
  Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes  with Cardiovascular Risk.


Hypercholesterolaemia  (raised cholesterol)

Adults intolerant to standard cholesterol treatment


  Hypercholesterolaemia  (raised cholesterol) Teenagers (10-17 yrs) with Hypercholesterolemia
RESPIRATORY Asthma Adult (18 yrs and above) with moderate to server Asthma
  Asthma Children (6-12 yrs) with Uncontrolled Asthma
  RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)

(i) Healthy infants entering their 1st RSV season
(ii) Children with Chronic Lung Disease (CLD) or Congenital Heart Disease entering their 1st and 2nd RSV season
(iii) Children (3 – 6 yrs) with acute RSV
(iv) Healthy Adults (60 – 85 yrs)

 INFECTIOUS DISEASE  HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV positive, treatment exposed both adults and children 

  HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) Post-herpetic neuralgia 
  Influenza Healthy volunteers patients (12-64 yrs) with two unvaccinated household contacts


Clinical trial investigators are doctors who have elected to play a pivotal role in helping the medical research industry bring new and potentially life-saving therapies to the global healthcare markets faster. This enables people all over the world to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

  • Patient recruitment: making sure participants understand the goals of the study, how their contribution will impact the outcome and how to stay compliant with the protocol
  • Patient screening: identify candidates who are suitable for specific trials
  • Obtaining patient consent: communicate information in a clear and consistent way to ensure effective and efficient understanding and agreement
  • Ensure patient retention: support participants throughout the study with regular reminders and motivational messages
  • Encourage therapy compliance: some prescriptions may be difficult to comply with, so support is essential

An investigator is responsible for ensuring that a clinical trial is conducted according to the research statement, the study plan, and trial regulations. They look after the safety and welfare of the trial participants and are responsible for the control of drugs under investigation. The investigator must also meet requirements set forth by SAHPRA, the FDA, EMA and any other regulatory bodies. The investigator’s qualifications must be outlined in a current resume and readily available for auditors. If you are interested in becoming a clinical trial investigator, you can get started by signing up and submitting your application online. We are seeking both experienced and research-naïve investigators. You will be added to our investigator directory, making you eligible for clinical trial participation. You will be considered for any current or future clinical trials that match your specialty, trial indication interest and patient cohort.


There are many reasons why GPs and specialists may want to get involved in clinical trial investigation – the expected benefits are:

Social Responsibility
Being involved in clinical research not only allows you to stay abreast of the latest developments but also to play an active part in the global advancement of medicine for the benefit of all.

Publication Opportunities
Your role as a clinical trial investigator will give you valuable insight into the respected word of medical science, a privilege you can take advantage of by authoring and co-authoring articles for publication.

Benefits to your Patients

You get to add value to your practice by helping your patients gain insight into their condition or disease and access to potential new treatments that may only be available through clinical trial participation.

Personal Satisfaction
Your patients receive your focused attention and, consequently, you are able to provide them with a better quality of life.

Professional Development
Involvement in clinical research lets you meet other investigators, exchange ideas, plan future collaborations, and work with drugs, treatments and processes that are not yet approved by the FDA or MCC, thus earning you recognition as a thought-leader within your professional community.

Additional Source of Revenue
You gain an opportunity to be financially rewarded for your time, skills and resources.


Who can become a clinical trial investigator?
Any GP or specialist in private practice or in a hospital or academic setting can become a principal investigator and you do not have to be associated with a medical or teaching institution. No clinical trial experience is needed to screen patients for participation, or to act as a sub-investigator responsible for select tasks under the supervision of a principal investigator. Experienced sub-investigators can advance to the role of principal investigator.

Why should I consider becoming a clinical trial investigator?
Clinical trial investigators are pivotal to the development of drugs, therapies and medical devices to prevent disease, treat chronic and degenerative conditions, and improve the general health of all people.

What skills do you need to become a principal investigator?
Principal investigators are actively involved in, and responsible for all aspects of a clinical trial; from ensuring the wellbeing of patients to the delivery of quality trial data. Vx Pharma will guide you in mastering the basic principles for conducting clinical trials as well as complying with the ethical, regulatory and international Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

How to become a principal investigator?
The first step is to sign up for a position as a sub-investigator. No prior trial experience is needed. In line with the policies of the MCC, investigators need to complete 2 trials as sub-investigators before they are eligible to be enrolled as a principal investigator on a study.

What is the potential liability of clinical trial participation?

Your standard malpractice insurance confers indemnity against professional activities stemming from a clinical trial provided you strictly adhere to the research protocol and you exercise reasonable medical judgment. No additional insurance cover is needed for projects and procedures related to clinical trials conducted through Vx Pharma as the company covers all involved parties through our specialised and comprehensive liability insurance.




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