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Our Human Capital

Mark Fyvie
Mark Fyvie CEO
Mark Fyvie is a biotechnology entrepreneur, the founder of Vx Pharma and currently its sole shareholder. Prior to Vx Pharma, Mark served as CEO and founding member of the Cape Biotech Investment Trust, funding and incubating VC investments in excess of $100 million in new life-science ventures. An internationally accredited business strategy consultant, Mark has helped develop commercial strategies for innovators in pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical research, and e-finance organisations, including FirstRand Bank, Liberty Health and Accenture. Mark serves on numerous boards and donates significant time to pro bono work in the South African innovation ecosystem.
Donald Ewer Seed Investor
Donald has a personal investment portfolio of listed and private biotech companies and lives in Oxford in the United Kingdom.
Dr AN Other R
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John Doe Managing Director
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